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Session Protocol

You probably landed on this page because you have set up your first session or are considering it. You might be feeling a little nervous and wonder what is expected of you. Don't worry, just follow these basic rules and our relationship will run smoothly.

The basics

Communication is key. Before we meet, I will take the time to answer your questions by mail or over the phone. We will also revisit these before we engage in play, just to make sure we're on the same page and to calm your nerves.

Eventhough every session is different, below are a few vital rules that always apply. No exceptions!

Safe, Sane & Consensual

Make sure you are physically prepared for play. Have a good night's rest before our session, make sure you're well-hydrated and have a light meal about an hour before we meet. Do not use alcohol or drugs and make sure to tell me if you're on any kind of medication and/or have health issues that might affect the session. Do not come to me for impact play if you are already bruised.

Be honest about boundaries and insecurities. If you have any questions or concerns, please tell me in advance so I can take them into account.

I am a Dominatrix, not a bully.  There must be mutual consent at all times. Sessions can only take place after we've discussed boundaries and when I am sure you are all in. 





I expect you to have taken a shower prior to our session. If we have negotiated anal play, please make sure you have cleaned yourself thoroughly.


I take great delight in playing with respectful subs. Please address me properly, don't show up late, and don't waste my precious time. If for whatever reason you have to cancel our session, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance. If you don't, you risk being excluded permanently.

Casual Introduction

If you are new to BDSM, you may feel nervous about booking a full session right away. Maybe you've had a bad experience with another Domme or maybe you're just shy. Whatever the reason, if you want us to get to know each other a little before engaging in play we can meet up at a café or restaurant of my choice.

Please note that this is not a play session and I will not be dressed in fetish garments. Ofcourse you will pay for my time and pick up the bill.

Cancellation Policy

If, for whatever reason, you have to cancel your appointment, let me know as soon as possible. In most cases you will be able to reschedule to a time that is more convenient.

Cancellation > 48 hours

You are allowed to reschedule to a later time of your choice. No extra charges will be applied.

Cancellation < 48 hours

When cancelling less than 48 hours before you will be charged 100%.

If you wish to book a new session, you will be asked to pay immediately when booking.

Repeated cancellation

In the case of repeated cancellation, no matter the cause, you will be banned from booking any future sessions.

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